Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Rucha Club

Pushpanjali College of Education was established in 1990. The college has completed  twenty six years of selfless service. Hundreds of students have passed from the portals of Pushpanjali College of Education. They serve in educational institutions in India and other countries.Through this blog, we wish to reach out to our alumni, network with them and work together to ensure that the college continues its vision of 'Education for the Life of the World of the World'.

The objectives of the Alumni Association are:
* To provide a forum for all alumni of Pushpanjali College of Education to  interact and exchange their valuable views and good practices in the field of education
* To organise programmes on Human Resource Development, ICT in Education, Sports, Music etc and thus augment the process of capacity building of the student-teachers
* To enrich the infra structural resources of Pushpanjali College of Education 
*To provide expertise to the institution and benefit from the expertise available in the institution
*To facilitate the journey of the college towards excellence

Office Bearers of the Alumni Association 

 Chief Patron: Manager Sr Sushila D'Silva
 President: Principal Dr Mariamma Joseph 
Convenor and Faculty in Charge: Ms Angelina Nunes
Executive Committee

Ms Tripti Saun (Chairperson)
Ms Ranjita Gomes (Secretary)
Mr Malcolm Colaco (Treasurer)
Ms Shobha D'Mello
Mr Jenold Misquitta
Mr Vineet Lopes
Ms Sonia Ruhi
Ms Celina Rodrigues
Ms Stalina Almeida